Strengthening R&D in India through innovation and technology to foster sustainable and inclusive growth

R&D and Design Leaders' Summit 2019

Research and development is the backbone of industrial development and only those industries which invest in R&D will survive the competition generated by globalisation. Realising the importance of that India became the world's 6th largest annual R&D spending country, accounting for 3.5 per cent of global R&D expenditure. R&D spending is anticipated to grow till 2.4 per cent of the country's GDP to 2034.

The future of R&D is inching faster towards innovation and digital solutions, and what matters is whether the R&D teams are getting ready for these numerous and concurrent changes, transforming the industry as a whole?

Is your organisation's R&D department concerned about innovating and disruptive technologies? Is your business's productivity stagnating? Do you have questions over best practices, R&D manpower, R&D pipeline and funding strategies? Then be a part of Inventicon's R&D & Design Leaders' Summit 2019 which gives you the opportunity to network with the industry leader's and gaining insights to improve your R&D strategy.



  • Panel Discussion: A shift from 'Make in India to Make for India'
  • Strong Investment policy support is imperative to develop R&D in India
  • Finding the future: How the best organizations scout emerging technologies
  • CASE STUDY: How AI, VR and machine learning disrupt product development at scale
  • Embracing open innovation: lessons from the leaders
  • Case Study: Product development innovation - application of modern tools
  • Breaking down the R&D pipeline: How to build a successful R&D pipelineDiscussing the strategies and best practices of operating world-class R&D centers.
  • Panel discussion: Exploring leading strategies for creating new R&D budgets
  • Identifying ways for India to climb the global IP index to flourish R&D in India
  • Managing the R&D workforce: challenges and strategies
  • Workshop on - Optimizing your R&D through metrics


Directors, VPs, Managers and Heads of:
  • Research and Development
  • R&D Technology Innovation
  • Product Design
  • New product development
  • Product Innovation
  • Innovation Management; Innovation Excellence
  • Engineering
  • Research Centre
From the following industries
  • Automobiles & auto components
  • Electronics & embedded systems
  • Consumer durables
  • Medical device & instrumentation
  • Companies falling under discrete manufacturing segment

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