5th Annual R&D & Design Leaders India Summit 2022

Many industrial manufacturing companies aim to differentiate themselves primarily through innovative products in preference to advantages on cost or other considerations. R&D plays a business-critical role for such companies and is considered an important part of the operations. The intense competition generated by globalization has made it imperative for companies to invest in R&D. Companies the world over have realized that India is an attractive location for R&D centres due to its diverse intellectual capital, frugal innovation advantage, availability of a low-cost R&D talent pool, conducive IPR policy, startup ecosystem, progressive policy environment, robust academic and infrastructure.

Not only this, India's investments in R&D annually are at USD 48 billion, this makes India become the world's 7th largest annual R&D spending country and is aiming to grow at a CAGR of 12-13% to reach USD 63 billion by 2025. India spends nearly 0.7% of its GDP on R&D, the experts emphasize to govt to raise the spending to 1% and are anticipating growing to 2.4% of the country's GDP by 2034. The major contribution comes from the private sector which is about 37% and it is estimated that this sector will double the spending in the next few years on R&D.

With this market outlook, the future of R&D is promising and what matters is that companies must be ready to cope and be abreast of the needs and demands. Many manufacturing heads want to have a greater say in, and control, the activities, and costs of their R&D departments to retain their edge in the market. They also feel the need for better systems to enable seamless information exchanges and collaboration across R&D, manufacturing, and other business groups. Otherwise, R&D will not be focused on the business goals of the organization and may become directionless.

Inventicon's R&D & Design Leaders India Summit 2022 brings the right mix of experts from the discrete industry to share their perspectives, and thoughts, and exchange dialogues on R&D. Share ideas on design & development, innovative approach, technology that have been executed, and how it enabled them to move from manufacturing to real-time enterprise solutions to add value. We also hope that this turns out to be a unique networking opportunity for industry leaders to improve upon their R&D & design development strategy.



  • Tapping into R&D and design leadership vision: Envision the future to propose ideal products
  • R&D efforts for new products and technology development for automotive application
  • Smart Digital R&D labs for continuous improvements to boost innovations.
  • An overview of sustainability indicators and metrics for discrete part manufacturing
  • Innovation, IP protection, and time-to-market for new product designs
  • Facing the globally competitive environment characterized by uncertainty, dynamism, and volatility, why technological learning plays an important role in firms' competitive success?


  • To network and leverage strategic business information and tangible, practical insights
  • To exchange dialogues and why to digitalize innovation
  • Opportunities to network with your peers and share experiences and knowledge
  • To share perspectives about integrated aspects of R&D and design, discuss challenges, and deliberate on ideas, trends, and concerns in theory and practice.
  • A closer look at leading and most innovative companies in your sector
  • Opportunity to interact with other thought leaders, hence widening your scope of network
  • To understand what solution providers, offer to ease your R&D and design aspects
  • R&D and Design Leadership


Heads of:
  • Research and Development
  • R&D Technology Innovation
  • Product Design & Development
  • New product development
  • Innovation Management; Innovation Excellence
  • Product Innovation
  • Engineering
  • R&D Centre


  • Map out the latest emerging strategies that will help your R&D professionals reach the next level
  • Leveraging technology to transform your R&D function
  • Streamlining R&D operations to foster quality and growth
  • Selecting right tools to transform your R&D function
  • Best practices for managing inconsistencies & design errors

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